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Feodosiya is an ancient city in Crimea, Ukraine. 

En101 partners in Feodosiyia, both educators and parents, held an En101 contest at their school last Saturday. Memorizing 15-16 words in just 10 minutes was an easy task with En101. Most of  the contestants demonstrated fantastic memorizing skills, and received nice certificates! 
The city was founded in 6th century BC by Greeks. With a population of about 85,000 people, modern Feodosiya is a well known port and resort city. It has many beaches and mineral springs, but most important of all, they have a lot of schools. 

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  • Aug 28 Sat 2010 18:55
  • Tver!

Tver is a city in Russia with population of over 400,000   people. April 24, 2010, an En101 educator's team from Moscow attended  a language learning conference in a major city school. 

Teachers, parents, business people and students all agreed that new technology in education of foreign languages is a reality with En101. 

Today that team has great plans! 

En101 congratulates a new generation of language learners! 

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It was a busy day in En101 office in Ukraine!
Morning:  Kid’s and Parents Workshop

Introduction to En101

Smart grandmothers with their smart grand kids!

"It’s Sun!!! I already learned it."

Margaret with her great-grand-mother 
Lubov Mikhailovna

Afternoon: Top Leader’s  seminar

Any age is good for learning and 
earning with En101

En101 is an ageless international opportunity!

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June 16-17th, 2010,  Sergey Lyangasov



, Ph.D. (pictured above) attended the 7theLearnExpo - Moscow International Exhibition and Conference.

Sergey won a GRAND PRIZE nomination for the most valuable eLearning project of the year with social impact. Sergey has over 5 years experience with En101, and is famous for incorporating En101 into teenager’s education and teenager’s IT self-employment.   


Information about the International eLearnExpo:

The eLearnExpo has enjoyed the position of being the FIRST and ONLY international exhibition and conference in Russia and CIS for professional training and learning with focus on enterprise and also with solutions for the academic and public sector. 

Launched in 2004, the event is supported by government institutions and is widely covered in press. Having proved it's critical importance to the e-learning fraternity worldwide, eLearnExpo Moscow 2010 was considered to be a major event in the field of education and training.

E-learning in the Russian Federation is a fast developing industry. This exhibition and conference provides the global e-learning industry with a unique opportunity to meet the decision-makers first hand.

The exhibition featured over 40 exhibitors from around the world demonstrating their latest platforms, methods, tools and content for e-learning in education and the enterprise. The conference attracted more than 200 speakers and delegates from Russia, CIS and abroad.

A two day conference held alongside the exhibition included master classes, workshops, round tables and keynotes by leading experts. The aim of the conference was to bring together leading learning professionals and share the very latest methods, tools, concepts, research and experience in e-learning and learning integration.





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Language Skill Testing: Use of a stop–watch turns En101 into a new sport! 

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